Making the Most of Summer Camps and Activities

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Making the Most of Summer Camps and Activities July 20, 2010
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Article – Activities for Summer Break

Stories for Summer Events and Activities

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Dear PACE,

Summer is a time for new opportunities, skills, and friendships. Help children make the most of summer experiences with the article, Activities for Summer Break and stories about important skills for new situations.

We hope your summer is full of relaxation and learning!

The Sandbox Learning Company

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Article – Activities for Summer Break

This newsletter’s article, Activities for Summer Break, includes ideas for keeping children engaged throughout the day while they learn and have fun.

Please feel free to share this article and any other Sandbox Learning article with parents and professionals.

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Stories for Summer Events and Activities


Summer camps, educational programs, and trips are a great time for relaxing and learning with family and friends. Prepare children for new experiences with Sandbox Learning Success Stories.

Other People’s Point of View discusses sharing your views as well as listening to, understanding, and respecting another person’s point of view. Story customization includes the child’s name, hometown, favorite activity/object, beliefs, times when the child has difficulty understanding another person’s point of view, and why it is important to respect another person’s views.

Learning to interact appropriately with new friends and adults is part of summer experiences. My Space, Your Space discusses personal space during conversations as well as appropriate personal space based on relationships. It includes customization of child specific space concerns, guardian, friend’s name, teacher’s name, hometown, and examples of people the child should and should not hug.

Safety is a year round concern but summer often includes more opportunities for helping with family errands and going to new places. Going Places discusses safe practices for traveling to and from places in the community including safe car and bus practices, parking lot safety, and appropriate behavior in a community setting. Personalization includes child’s name and hometown.

Trying New Foods discusses trying new foods throughout the day including at home and at school. A repetitive line with the child’s name is included to encourage trying new foods. Personalization includes child’s name, school, teacher’s name, and favorite food.

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