SPEDWatch Appears on Public Access TV Program

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Ellen Chambers talks about SPEDWatch
SPEDWatch is a 501(c)3

nonprofit group operating

as an activist movement

for special education

rights. We are raising

public awareness of the

longstanding and egreg-

ious violations of special

education law occuring in

our public schools, our

government’s refusal to

address this issue, and

the tragic conseqences

this has for schoolchildren

with special needs and

their families.

We are entirely dependent

on private donations to

countinue our work.

Please consider making a

tax deductible donation



SPEDWatch, Inc.

P.O. Box 1440

Pepperell, MA 01463

Tel (978) 433-5983

Fax (978) 433-0492



Ellen Chambers, Executive Director of SPEDWatch, was a recent guest on the Worcester area public access television program, Miller Chat. The program focuses on issues that impact individuals with disabilities and is hosted by longtime disability activist, Robbin Miller. Listen to the program at these two links:

SPEDWatch on Miller Chat, Part I
SPEDWatch on Miller Chat, Part II

Chambers provides a general overview of SPEDWatch, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that functions as an activist movement for students’ special education rights. She discusses its accomplishments since its founding in 2006, its plans for the future, and the philosophy upon which it is built.

Share the show with your friends, family and colleagues by forwarding this email to them. To have the show air in your town contact station manager Bill Nay and request that a copy of the show be sent to your local public access TV station.

A MomTalks with the Director of Special Education

Mom Talks to SPED DirThis YouTube clip: A Mom Talks with the Director of Special Education is not to be missed if you’ve ever been frustrated by our special education system. It is a very funny (and very sad,) illustration of what parents, educators, and clinicians face in their day to day efforts to advocate for students with special needs. If you find yourself doubled over with laughter while watching, you know what we mean!

The children are waiting
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SPEDWatch | P.O. Box 1440 | Pepperell | MA | 01463



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