{Back to School} The School Environment: Issues for Aspergers Students











Excerpt rom My Aspergers Child blog:

Most Aspergers children are keenly aware of the social, educational, and environmental expectation that they “fit in” with the crowd. To compensate, they “keep it together” all day long the best they can. Once they return home, many Aspies breathe a sigh of relief, allow their pent-up stress to explode, and meltdown in the safety of the home environment where they feel most comfortable to let down their defenses. This creates a confusing dilemma for educators who report to moms and dads that their youngster “seems fine” during the day. It also creates a frustrating set of circumstances for moms and dads who may internalize their own self-doubts about “something they must be doing wrong” at home. But it is no one’s fault! The Aspergers youngster is simply reacting to the stress-relief that comes with dropping the façade he’s been wearing during seven hours of school time.

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