About PACE

Welcome to Somerset PACE.

This site will serve as our temporary home while our main site is under construction.

Somerset P.A.C.E. (Parent Advisory Council for Education) is a 501(c)3 information organization, and a resource for support and networking, for parents, guardians, and interested individuals in Somerset concerning children who have special needs, disabilities, and/or learning disorders.

Somerset P.A.C.E. provides education to parents and the broader community on Special Education issues and services.  We work towards the understanding of, respect, support, and appropriate education for all children with special needs in our community and to insure that students’ needs under the “old” Chapter 766 (now entitiled: “Special Education Law and Regulations”) and other applicable laws are being met.

As a state-mandated, system-wide volunteer organization, we serve as a resource and advisor to parents of children with special needs from preschool through high school, serving all Somerset schools.  We work closely with the Somerset Public School administration to identify areas of need and act in an advisory role to the Somerset School Committee.

We offer a broad range of information, contacts, networking opportunities; and, we encourage members to share information (books, tutors, interventions, etc.) that they have found useful in guiding their children’s education.  We help connect parents with other parents and professionals dealing with similar issues.

Our membership is open to parents and guardians of children with special needs and anyone interested in special needs education in Somerset.  We are parents with children who have learning differences.  We have monthly educational presentations on a variety of topics.