Shirt Fundraiser

Have you been by our sensory/activity tent at the Somerset Open Air Market?

Have you been to one of our educational events for parents?

Funds from these shirt sales will help us continue to do those things and much more!

Follow the link to purchase either a t-shirt,hoodie,baseball tee or kids shirt!


Our hope it that all kids of all abilities are given great opportunities!

*All profits will be used to educate our parents and community on Special Education issues and provide services through workshops, lectures and various activities(such as the sensory activities at SOAM.) Fundraising helps make events like this possible!*


Planning Meeting!

Join on on May 25th for our planning meeting!  Help us plan the upcoming year!

You can help us choose what topics you would like to see covered and what else you would like to see at future meetings!

This is also a great place to connect with other parents ūüôā¬† Hope to see you there!

May 25th


Old town hall, somerset, ma 02726

Advanced Boardmaker Training in NB

Advanced Boardmaker 6

Presenter: Kristi Peak-Olivera

Level: Beginner Format: Hands on

This presentation will provide participants with an opportunity to broaden their knowledge of both the programming of Boardmaker (e.g., incorporating digital images and becoming familiar with popular features of v6 for Windows) as well as its application for communication and curriculum support. We will discuss different types of communication displays and where to apply them, how to select vocabulary, and how to integrate all of this into the early education environment. This will include suggestions on how family members and professionals can work together to support the child.

April 29, 2010 New Bedford office

9:00 – 12:00 Cost: $75

For registration information Contact Jeff McAuslin 800 244-2756 ext. 448

Email: jmcauslin

~Melissa @