Minutes from Meeting April 24, 2018

PACE Minutes Nomination meeting April 24, 2018


-The meeting was called to order.  1st motion by Lisa Bancroft, 2nd motion by Hannah Duarte

-New committees as allowed by the bi-laws were discussed and then voted on.

-First committee is Finance which was voted on and accepted

-1st motion Hannah Duarte, 2nd motion Lisa Bancroft

-Second committee was Family Outreach and Support which was vote on and accepted

-1st motion Allison Faunce Richards, 2nd motion Shannon Toolin

-Nomination for Secretary- Hannah Duarte.  Motion to accept nomination of Hannah Duarte for secretary given by Allison Faunce Richards and 2nd by Stephanie Roy. Hannah Duarte accepted the nomination


-Motion to nominate Lisa Bancroft as Vice President by Stephanie Roy, 2nd motion by Hannah Duarte.  Lisa Bancroft accepted the nomination


-Motion to nominate Stephanie Roy for President by Lisa Bancroft, 2nd by Hannah Duarte.  Stephanie Roy accepted the nomination


-Motion to nominate Amy Lavoie for President by Marion O’Conner, 2nd by Amy Lavoie.  Any Lavoie accepted the nomination.


-Meeting called to a close by Lisa Bancroft



Pace Minutes meeting Election meeting April 24, 2018


-Meeting called to order with a first motion by Stephanie Roy and a 2nd motion by Hannah Duarte


-Hannah Duarte elected as secretary by majority vote as the only candidate

-Lisa Bancroft elected for Vice President by majority vote as the only candidate

-President Vote taken

-Stephanie Roy elected as president by a four to 2 person vote.


-Words by our new President Stephanie Roy

-Excited about another great year of reaching out and helping families At SOAM

-Our big outreach this year will by an all-inclusive carnival

-We will be trying some new things throughout the year

-there will once again be a parents rights workshop


-Motion to adjourn meeting given by Stephanie Roy, second by Lisa Bancroft.


Submitted for approval by Hannah Duarte 5/3/18

Approved for publication by Stephanie Roy 5/3/18








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Planning Meeting!

Join on on May 25th for our planning meeting!  Help us plan the upcoming year!

You can help us choose what topics you would like to see covered and what else you would like to see at future meetings!

This is also a great place to connect with other parents 🙂  Hope to see you there!

May 25th


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