Parent Tip:Change ADHD Traits into “Positives”

The Learning Breakthrough Bulletin November 4, 2009

Parent Tip:

Take the negative stereotypes of ADHD on the list below and turn them into
positive, actionable ideas instead.
Negative traits on left are converted to POSITIVES on right…
Instead of ADHD being thought of as XConsider them to be Y

Hyperactive or restless…..Energetic

Unable to stay on point….Sees connections others don’t

Forgetful…..Gets lost in what he is doing

Inconsistent…..Shows flashes of brilliance
Stubborn…..Persistent, won’t give up




*Adapted with permission of Edward M. Hallowell, M.D

More about a “Strength Based” Approach…
The parent tip above recommends taking old negative attitudes about ADD/ADHD and turning them around so that a fresh attitudes can take root. As parents, facilitators or even ADHD sufferers ourselves, we must see the glass of traits as “half full” and work toward nurturing positive activities for the future…using positive strategies. People working to overcome ADHD challenges must give themselves a positive action to reach for, whether its Learning Breakthrough Program, running, art classes, sports, music or another drug-free therapy.

Such activities are the essence of a “strength-based” approach for learning challenges. They turn negatives into a positives. People with ADHD need support and hopeful, forward movement in their lives and people who look at them through a positive light and who do not inflict feelings of guilt and shame that are often connected with ADHD. Turn negative associations into positive and move to work on the strengths we seek, not the weaknesses we fear.

NEW Learning Breakthrough Parent Testimonial

“I can’t tell you how much the Learning Breakthrough helped our son!  I had him perform it daily for a year when he was 9.  Now he’s 13, LOVES to read, and reads above his grade level.  So not only does it work, but it STICKS.  I KNOW that this program is beneficial, legitimate, and worth every penny it cost us.”

Karen J

We hope this tip will help inspire you to see the positives in ADHD. Thanks for NOT keeping Learning Breakthrough a secret.

Take care,

The Learning Breakthrough Team

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